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Since 1991 Weil Group Inc. (WGI) has helped its clients leverage the business and process knowledge of our highly certified professionals for their long-term and short-term projects to:

  1. Reduce the HR burden of employing members of staff.
  2. Achieve short-term project goals cost-effectively.
  3. Maximize resources.
  4. Ensure appropriate skills and resources are applied to project.
  5. Guarantee adherence to schedules and project milestones.

WGI core business is FDA and other international regulatory compliance agency related services, with integrated portfolio services that provides a broad range of contract staffing and workforce management solutions to the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Medical Devices, Biotechnology, and advanced technology industries.  Our resources allocation methodology allows us provide our clients with skilled, trained, seasoned, cross-functional professionals, consultants and specialists that are ready to hit the ground running to meet your project goals and timelines with minimal training and overhead.   We had offered our solutions/services in Puerto Rico, USA, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Israel, and Curacao, among others 

Our personnel have experience working on highly regulated environments such as consent decrees and remediation initiatives either as internal resources and/or third party reviewers. Environments in which work has to be done under time-window and budget constraints to comply with regulatory agencies.

Our services span within all manufacturing industries as required by the market, in conformance with customer requirements, at a competitive cost, and in compliance with current regulations and established industry standards. We have established an outstanding record in the industry exceeding customer expectations. This is the same level of service clients would enjoy should we get the opportunity to lend our services.

Our major strengths are as follow:

We listen to you to determine your business needs, and then identify technologies and develop solutions that will best meet those needs within your budget and time frame.

The services we offer are always on the cutting edge.

Our management staff is constantly searching for new technology alternatives that can produce significant results for our customers, in terms of cost reduction and process improvement.

Our services are comprehensive and precise, ensuring that your specifications and quality requirements are met exactly – every time.


In our 20+ years in the industry, we have built an exemplary reputation for delivering quality services and products that enable our clients to achieve their vision and meet their business goals.

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