Rapid Test Covid-19
IgM and IgG

One step, result viewed in 10 minutes

  Used by millions Worldwide
 No testing equipment required
  Plasma/Serum and Blood supported

Our Product

COVID-19 IgM and IgG antibody Rapid Test

Whole blood sample supported

No limits of its use with any patient.

Admitted in the process of EUA

The efficiency and results are key to success.

Detection without any testing equipments

Only the rapid test is needed and nothing else.

Room-temperature storage

No needed special store.

High detection efficiency

Simultaneous monitoring of IgM and IgG.

One step, result viewed in 10 minutes

Easy to operate, and is compatible with serum/ whole blood/ plasma.

Our Product

About Rapid Test Covid-19

Serology test such as immunochromatography rapid test is highly recommended in combination use of nucleic acid test in COVID-19 because:

The COVID-19 coronavirus misdiagnosis is a huge concern due to many reasons and more likely happens if only rely on single PCR test result

The PCR/molecular tests require much higher standard and facilities to perform from both safety and quality perspectives. It becomes the major bottleneck to test suspected cases (can be large in some countries) in time.

Shortage of test performed will lead to potential mass infection events in terms of COVID-19. Serology test may also function as markers for prognosis, virus tracing and epidemiology study.

How Works Rapid Test Covid-19

Performance Studies Overview

Clinical diagnostic results Nucleic acid test results
Confirmed Diagnosis Exclusion Positive (+) Negative (-)
Total reagent results Positive (+) 184 11 120 75
Negative (-) 17 358 14 361
Total number 201 369 134 436
Total of Samples 570 570

Sensitity: 91.54%; Specificity: 97.02%; Total clinical coincidence rate: 95.09%

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